Commercial Insurance



The building and personal property form pays for direct physical loss or damage to your covered property. The loss must occur at your premises listed and described on the declarations page and must result from a covered peril.


Homeowners Association coverage involves the condo and residential associations. We work closely with property managers and HOA boards to suit their coverage needs.

General Liability

You do not have any control over the ultimate cost of injuries to a person injured because of your operations, products, or services. The cost of injuries may be comparatively minor or run into the millions of dollars, depending on the person and extent of their injuries.

Commercial Auto

This provides auto liability coverage for legal obligations that arise from an accident, including lawsuits and their related costs.


This is an important insurance policy that all commercial businesses should have to protect against claims.

Professional Liability

It seems that, with each passing year people are more claims conscious, resulting in a significant share of malpractice lawsuits against professionals. This vital insurance pay damages that might be awarded to a plaintiff alleging professional negligence.


You need coverage for all your property and casualty exposures, not just some. This single package covers your buildings and business personal property, as well as liability imposed on you because of your premises, operations and products. In addition, it has numerous coverage extensions and optional coverages available.

Workers Comp

The Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Policy cover your statutory liability as an employer under state workers' compensation laws. It pays for medical treatment because of injuries and indemnity payments for employees disabled by accidents sustained on the job in the course of their employment.


Extension of excess liability coverage for businesses.

Special Events

You never know what can go wrong. Events liability insurance can protect event holders, vendors, and exhibitors from huge legal expenses and judgments. If any individual gets injured while attending your event, you may be held liable for medical expenses, loss of income and other damages due to your unintended negligence.

Liquor Liability

The insurance company agrees to pay amounts you become legally obligated to pay as damages because of a liquor-related injury.

Inland Marine

Even though basic or standard commercial property coverage forms and policies take care of most property insurance needs, gaps in coverage usually remain and losses can occur in situations where there is no coverage. A number of inland marine policies and floaters are available to prove the cover needed to eliminate those coverage gaps.